Pet Fashion Week in New York

Many have heard of the fashion shows held and attended by the who’s who of the celebrity and fashion world. One of the main circuits is known as the New York Fashion Week that allows seasoned and rising fashion designers to showcase their pieces. An even more fascinating show is the Pet Fashion Week in New York that is a showing of pet fashion and accessories. Pets have become a part of many people’s lives and as such have become part of the family that also deserves to be treated and pampered occasionally.

The Pet Fashion Week in New York is an annual show that showcases clothes, accessories and pet equipment that will have your pet setting the fashion trend in your neighborhood. This function is one of two being held in the year 2010 with the other show being held in Sao Paolo, Brazil in the month of April. The Pet Fashion Week in New York will be held in the month of August.

When one visits the site of the fashion show and exhibit for pets they will be able to find out about the exhibitors, the schedule of the said event, accommodation options for the animal and human guests and also the sponsors of the show. These sponsors include Pet Elite, Modern Dog, Fido and many other pet companies and magazines. One is able to view the entry rules along with details on other events to be held alongside the Pet Fashion Week in New York, like the parties and animal awareness galas. This is truly an event of its own kind and well worth it for pet owners.